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Best Partner Immobilière principally follows a two-way approach: a sector-oriented approach of the market and a qualitative one of the profession. Rather than limiting ourselves to one district or two, or even three towns, we have placed our know-how at the service of a budget range and a particular type of property: Medium and high-end residential property. This allows us to offer a service of a true specialist mastering the specificities of its sector. There is no commune for charm or character, but there is a specific clientele and approach for villas, properties and high-end flats.
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Quality, a credo that must be assumedr

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Quality commitment contracts

To ensure that each property is treated individually and that each client receives the welcome and attention he or she deserves, we voluntarily limit the size of our real estate portfolio and commit ourselves to our clients by means of clear and precise contracts that detail the scope of our mission and, above all, the means we undertake to use in order to achieve the best interests of our clients. This is what we call our quality commitment contracts.

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